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About Us
Since its establishment, has always insisted that provide users with high quality products for the purpose, operation stable and reliable industrial power. This company uses advanced testing instruments and strict quality control system to ensure that products meet safety and reliability standards. Company products are widely used in different industries, such as manufacturing, research, education, radio communications, ship, automobile, repair, audio, and environmental protection projects, and meet the specifications of all major international safety standards and radio compatibility, and a number product certification. The company's products for years, and products throughout the world, in recent years has begun to gradually open up the domestic market, to replace the embarrassing situation of the existing manufacturers need to import power. Sales so far, due to the stable and reliable products and popular favor.
The company's main products include DIN rail slot switching power supply, solar charge controllers, linear mode DC adjustable power supply switch mode DC adjustable power supply, DC-DC converters, DC-AC inverter, lead acid battery charger, electronic loads, variable frequency power supply, a wide variety of switching power supply.
Companies adhering to the business philosophy for many years, but also put into the development of industrial automation and control products, providing customers with the desired controller. Controller type across different industries, such as stepper drives, appliance controllers, a wireless receiver system controller, over the years the company is constantly upgrading technology, improving product competitiveness.
Sales and development of one of the company is "customer first, quality first" principle, satisfactory services to our customers.

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